We pride ourselves on a professional service, moving in the right direction to support all perspective customers.

Rail Industry

This is an industry that has witnessed astronomical investment over recent years. Only last year a £9.4bn package of investment for the railways in England and Wales, including a £9.2bn in new schemes, was unveiled by the government. B.C.C work closely with customers on interior / exterior manufacturing of carriages and also support customers on track repair in the U.K and overseas.

Renewable Energy

A socially and politically defined category of energy sources. Generally this is defined as energy that comes from resources which are continually replenished on a human timescale such as sunlight, wind, rain tides, waves and geothermal heat. B.C.C now have customers who supply both wind & water turbines to the domestic and commercial industry.

Automotive Industry

U.K car manufacturing has turned the corner in recent years with overseas car makers like Honda, Nissan and BMW now a permanent fixture alongside the Land Rover / Jaguar / Ford plants which are producing more units year on year. B.C.C have customers in this industry where we currently manufacture and assemble jigs and fixtures to second tier suppliers.

Since Andy has taken over BCC his company has continued to support our business. I am now giving BCC a greater portion of our sub contract work which they have continued to deliver on time. –Antony Johnson, AJP Custom Parts